Start Smart is dedicated and passionate about educating the youth in multiple areas ranging from geography to basic math skills and other topics that are not extensively covered in the classroom. It is also about forming relationships between the college and elementary students to help encourage them to start thinking about higher education.

Syracuse Enactus students work with elementary school students at H.W. Smith Elementary School as part of the WIN (What I Need) program. Volunteer members work with groups of students, tutoring and helping them with activities and worksheets planned for that day. The student volunteers often get to join the kids after the sessions during their break period which is a critical time for the volunteers to interact with the kids to form special bonds and encourage them to start thinking about their future in regards to academics, possible careers and other areas of interest.



Major: Accounting & Finance

Daniel is a junior from Long Island, New York. He is studying accounting and finance, more specifically, pursuing a CPA. He joined Enactus freshman year to learn more about Whitman and its opportunities. Along the way, Enactus has helped him to build strong relationship with many of his peers. Now, as a junior, he is passionate about helping children develop the skills they need to obtain a bright future. He feels it is important to give back to a community that has welcomed him with open arms!




Majors: Advertising & Marketing Management

Joining Enactus has been a great experience for Eric who is from Westfield, New Jersey. Through the Start Smart program he has been able to connect with a lot of amazing kids, who are a blast to work with. Eric is happy that through Enactus, he has been able to teach so many kids the fundamental skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. The opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives is a privilege he cherishes.