“Start Smart is dedicated and passionate about educating young ESL students, specifically in the field of basic math skills and applicable financial literacy, in order to make the transition from their country to ours as smooth as possible.” 

Syracuse ENACTUS students work with ESL students at H.W. Smith Elementary School as part of the Get Smart umbrella program. Volunteer members work one-on-one with the students, tutoring them in areas such as math and currency, in addition to American etiquette and customs. The primary focus, however, is on financial literacy. Students learn the differences between each of the U.S. coins, how to count currency, and how to earn simple interest. Enactus volunteers cater the lesson to each student, depending on the comprehension level of the individual. This ensures that each student can comfortably learn at his or her own pace.


Jessica Mallinar

Majors: Marketing & Business Management

"One of the best decisions I've made in college has been joining Enactus. It's opened my eyes to a community that exists outside of the bubble we live in at school. There are so many different projects that you can join and being involved in Start Smart has helped me with communication and patience!"




Majors: Advertising & Marketing Management

"Joining Enactus has definitely been a great experience. Through the Start Smart program I've been able to connect with a lot of amazing kids, who are a blast to work with. I'm happy that through Enactus, we have been able to teach so many kids the fundamental financial literacy skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. The opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives is a privlege I cherish."