Similarly to 3Fifteen and 3Fifteen Etsy, Rescue Glass works with to aid the Rescue Mission of Syracuse. The Rescue Glass project takes recycled glass bottles from restaurants in the Syracuse community, and employs Rescue Mission clients to up-cycle them into beautiful candles. This benefits the rescue mission in two ways: creating jobs as a path out of homelessness, and increasing revenues for the Rescue Mission directly. Rescue Glass pays clients a fair wage and serves as a job and skills training program for these individuals, giving them tools to break through the cycle of poverty entrapping them. 

Last year we started producing candles. As a newer project, there has been a great deal of trial and error needed to solidify production and product design. We had a very successful first year of sales for our candles. Taking the same glasses and filling them with wax to be sold as candles allowed us to increase our production.


Luke Brown - Rescue Glass

Major: Finance & Accounting

"Enactus has helped me to meet a community of people at Syracuse that are similarly interested in the Rescue Mission. My goal to grow the Rescue Glass project to help more people in the Rescue Mission has shaped my positive outlook of the mission. Not only has Enactus helped me to meet new people, but it has also helped me focus on my academics, surrounded by a group of fellow business leaders."



Emily Woodilla - Rescue Glass

Majors: Accounting & Sports Management

"I chose to join Syracuse University's chapter of Enactus to make a difference greater than myself. I cannot imagine life at SU without Enactus; it is because of this organization that I have met some of my closest friends whom I will cherish forever. As a project leader for Rescue Glass and a member of our presentation team, I have many opportunities to create a positive impact in our local community and beyond. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to experience all that Enactus has to offer, and am thankful for how it has shaped me into the SU student I am today."