Operation Soap Dish was an idea that our member Adena Rochelson thought of when she was a third grader growing up in the Syracuse area. Adena noticed that the need for toiletries was often overlooked at food pantries. Once she started at SU, Adena began to get involved with Enactus and the process for implementing her idea took place!

Operation Soap Dish work to create access to sanitation products including soaps that will lower the number of fatalities resulting from acute respiratory infection and diarrhea. These diseases are the main cause of death for children under the age of five.

We collaborating with Syracuse University athletes to collect unused toiletries from hotel rooms during their stay. These toiletries are then donated to the University United Methodist Church, along with other organizations.

Project Leaders


Majors: Finance & Accounting

Ali is a junior in Whitman from a small town outside Rochester, NY. Her freshman year, she was looking for ways to volunteer and stumbled across Rescue Glass, immediately drawing her to Enactus. She then signed up for Team Guatemala and balanced between the two until she was asked to help start up Operation Soap Dish, and then added the project to her list! Enactus has shown her the pleasure of giving back to the community while giving her the confidence that she can take charge of an opportunity. Ali loves seeing the faces of those that she is able to help as a truly humbling experience, which drives her to do more with her resources. She is looking forward to expand Operation Soap Dish to all of its potential!


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Major: Finance

Allie is a sophomore in Whitman from San Diego, California. When Allie began her freshman year of college at Syracuse University, she wanted to become more involved in campus activities. Her passion for entrepreneurship and volunteering inspired her to join Enactus. She volunteered with the Rescue Mission as a member of Enactus before becoming a co-project leader for Operation Soap Dish. She is appreciative of the opportunities that she has been given through Enactus to better the community and to form connections with peers who share similar interests!