Light the Way is an exciting new project that benefits two refugee organizations: The North Side Learning Center and Interfaith Works. Light the Way takes recycled glass bottles from restaurants in the Syracuse community, and employs new Americans through the two refugee organizations to up-cycle them into beautiful candles. This allows the new Americans working on the project to have an income and valuable work experience. Light the Way clients get paid a fair wage and this opportunity serves as a job and skills training program for these individuals, giving them the tools they need to be successful in the United States. 

Last year we started producing candles. As a newer project, there has been a great deal of trial and error needed to solidify production and product design. We had a very successful first year of sales for our candles. Taking the same glasses and filling them with wax to be sold as candles allowed us to increase our production.


Luke Brown

Majors: Finance & Accounting

Luke is a junior in Whitman from Haddon Township, New Jersey. Enactus has helped Luke to meet a community of people at SU that are similarly interested in helping new Americans. His goal to grow the Light the Way project to people the Syracuse community has shaped his positive outlook of the mission. Not only has Enactus helped Luke meet new people, but it has also helped him focus on his academics, surrounded by a group of fellow business leaders.




Major:  Marketing Management

Matt is a sophomore in Whitman from Boulder, Colorado. When he arrived on campus his freshman year, Matt sought to find a way to combine what he was learning in class with an outlet to give back to the community. That’s when he found Enactus! Since joining, Matt has been involved with both the Feel Smart and Light the Way projects. Enactus has been a great way for Matt to make connections on campus and in the Syracuse community!