We strive to make a difference in the lives of Syracuse city high school teens by passing on our knowledge to give them the motivation and information they need to pursue a future after graduation and make best use of the resources they are provided.

As part of the Get Smart umbrella program, Enactus Feel Smart volunteers travel to high schools within the Syracuse City School District to assist junior and seniors with the college application process, as well as resume writing and SAT preparation. These high schools are struggling with graduation rates of less than 50% and budget cuts that leave the remaining faculty overwhelmed with work. Our Feel Smart project team has been working for the past four years to enlighten high school juniors and seniors at Fowler High School. This school year, we have expanded our services to Henninger High School with the hopes to reach even more schools in the future. Our volunteers work one-on-one with each student to develop a strong connection and to assist that particular student throughout the year as they transition to the next stage of their life after graduation.


Gracyn Shah

Majors: Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises & Marketing Management

Gracyn is currently a senior in Whitman and has been a part of Enactus for the past three years. Through Enactus, Gracyn has not only grown as a person, but she has also had the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and help students prepare for college. It is a great experience to help other students go through a similar process that I went through only a few years ago.




Majors: Business Management

Minor: Psychology & Atrocity Studies and the Practices of Social Justice

Ashley Price is a Junior from San Diego, California. She is a Business Management Major with a double minor in Psychology and Atrocity Studies and the Practices of Social Justice. While attending an information session for Enactus her sophomore year, Ashley found a new pathway for the Feel Smart Project to pursue. Inspired by her passion for education reformation, she helped to institute a Fall focus for the project in which members of Enactus hold question and answer sessions for college-bound 8th grade students at a local middle school. She is grateful to Enactus for giving her the platform to develop this beneficial program, and for the support and community Enactus brings!