The Syracuse University Enactus team was formed in 2006 to give a select group of motivated students opportunities to positively impact local and international communities. The mutually beneficial relationships formed by students provide valuable real-world experiences through learning, practicing, and teaching the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

As part of a national non-profit organization, we work diligently to achieve our goals by using entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress. We have diversified our efforts with eight active projects and have created jobs, green programs, and a strategically located thrift store, all initiatives that have become essential parts of local neighborhoods and have improved standards of living. Through our projects, we have created a sustainable path of opportunity for people in these communities.


A Lasting Impact

"I love that Enactus allowed me to incorporate my interests in fashion into a project [3Fifteen Etsy]. Every sale we made was satisfying because I knew the proceeds went to a great cause and I was helping someone in need. I am beyond thankful for Enactus and the leadership skills it taught me."

— Alumna Angela Montague, 3Fifteen & 3Fifteen Etsy Project Leader

Syracuse University Enactus wants you to know that our impact in local and global communities means (literally) the world to us. ENACTUS United States has invited our team to the ENACTUS United States National Exposition in each of the past four academic years, and in 2011 our team finished in the top four. This has given us a consistent platform to showcase our service on and given the results of dynamic projects such as Rescue Mission and Team Guatemala a diverse and influential audience.

Together with advisors and experts, our members are constantly learning and improving their business skills. We are determined to use our entrepreneurial spirit to enable progress while also shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.