Every year, the Rescue Mission provides over 300,000 meals, 127,000 emergency shelter stays, and transitions 1,000 clients to permanent housing and employment in the Syracuse area. Our team supports their efforts by helping increase revenues and overall sustainability. After working closely with the Rescue Mission for the last 7 years, we noticed an opportunity for growth.

3Fifteen’s Etsy platform launched in March of 2017. The Etsy Platform gives the Rescue Mission access to a larger market and increases margins by selling a variety of high-end items, focusing on vintage and unique clothing and accessories. After pitching the idea to 3Fifteen’s management, the idea came to fruition, and it is now a live site.

A team of 10 students work weekly to select, research and post high value items from the 3Fifteen store to reach a wider audience and achieve higher margins.


Jesse MenZa

Majors: Finance & Marketing Management

Minor: Psychology

"Enactus shaped me into the woman I am today because it exposed me to the amount of people near our university that are in desperate need of anyone's help. It led me to the realization that every little bit helps. Whether I'm volunteering at the Clothing Outreach or selling items on Etsy for the homeless people of Syracuse, I know I am making some sort of difference in the neighborhood."


Professional Photo.jpg

Marcus Cook

Majors: Supply Chain & Marketing Management

Minor: Psychology

"Enactus has impacted my life in many ways, but most importantly it has given me the network to interact with many like-minded individuals who care about their community. Dedicated individuals who want to enhance the standards of living for their community members through entrepreneurial efforts. The hands-on experience that Enactus gives you is second to none, and couple that with an amazing vision, it makes it a great organization to work for."