Aid the Rescue Mission in ending the cycle of homelessness in Syracuse through the following: innovative ideas that support the 3Fifteen business and Rescue Mission as a whole, the growth and strengthening of volunteers such as our in-store and warehouse volunteers, and the dedicated drive of Enactus students to help bring the local community to a better place.

In the summer of 2012 we opened a cool new thrift store on the Syracuse University campus called 3Fifteen! 3Fifteen, located in Marshall Square Mall, is a unique thrift store shopping experience geared towards college students. At 3Fifteen you’ll find great things to add to your wardrobe, furnish your dorm room or apartment, or something outrageous you just have to have. 3Fifteen sales benefit the Rescue Mission’s efforts to end hunger and homelessness and help change lives in the communities where it provides services.

Project Leader: Jesse Menza

Majors: Finance & Marketing Management

Minor: Psychology

Jesse is a senior in Whitman. She says that Whitman has shaped her into the woman she is today because it exposed her to the people of the Syracuse area who are in desperate need for help. Enactus has led Jesse to the realization that every little bit someone does can help. Whether she is volunteering at the Clothing Outreach or selling items on Etsy for the homeless people of Syracuse, she knows she is making some sort of difference in the neighborhood.